Final notes to reinspire members for conference

A final pre-conference message from NSRC President Lisa Fuchs:

Hello, and hope you all are excited for this week as we come together to celebrate the NSRC’s 40th annual State Respiratory Conference. We have branded this conference as our “Reinspire” conference, as it was our vision a year ago to offer a conference that would provide the opportunity to leave you reinspired. We searched for a venue that would allow you to fully escape from your busy schedule and relax for a day or perhaps longer – we found it. We searched for inspiring presentations, from some of the top speakers in their fields to help reignite your passion – we found them. And we worked to create a fun and engaging atmosphere where you can reconnect with fellow therapists – we hope to offer that.

As we look back over 40 years, our field has changed tremendously. You all have been a part of that history and should be proud to call yourselves respiratory therapists. It is because of dedicated, passionate, and caring professionals like you who save the lives of many, there’s no magic about it!

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