A year of highlights as president of the NSRC

First, I want to thank you for the honor of serving as the President of the NSRC. I am proud of our profession, and all it encompasses. Membership was one of the area’s that I wanted to see grow this last year. If every manager of every department across the state could recruit one to five AARC members, then we could meet the goal of 50 new members.  Please find a toolkit on the AARC website to share when you are recruiting members. http://www.aarc.org/aarc-membership/

This past year we gained an incredible Medical Director, Dr. Adam Highly. His passion for the profession and continuing education will be a win, win for the NSRC. The NSRC website was updated to a tech friendly format for viewing on smart phones.

I am proud to be an AARC member as they came to our side when a letter was written for their support during the flooding this Spring. The AARC protects our profession by doing the following; awareness of governmental issues, supplementing your formal education with free CEU’s, discounts at conferences, NBRC exam discounts for RT students, and many other benefits.

The NSRC just celebrated our 40thAnniversaryas a state society. The setting was beautiful and relaxing. We networked, experienced great lectures and most of all had fun.  Kristin Narjes led an Official Corn Hole tournament on Thursday evening, and proceeds from the tournament in the sum of $200 will be donated to the AARC Disaster Relief Fund. . I want to thank everyone involved with the conference. Thank you to all that attended the conference for your continued support.

Finally, I want to welcome Lil O’Neill as your next President for the NSRC. Lil has wonderful ideas. She will carry on the values and mission of the NSRC with great strides.


Lisa Fuchs