AARC recruting challenge offers $300 prize

AARC recruting challenge offers $300 prize

NSRC members have been issued a challenge: Recruit at least one therapist to the AARC.

The names of those who do will be added, along the name of the recruited therapist, to a drawing for $150.00.

Your name will be entered in the drawing each time you recruit another therapist. There's no limit to the number of members you can recruit, according to President Dave Patterson.

Another prize of $150 will be awarded to the therapist who recruits the most new members. Therefore, two prizes of $150 each will be given away.

In order to be eligible, you must:

  • Recruit a new member to the AARC
  • Send an email to Dave Patterson at  depat@cox.net with New Member in the Subject line, and the new member’s information in the text.
  • For each new member, you get another entry into the drawing and are one step closer to the “most members” prize.
  • Each new member is also added to the drawing, so is also eligible to win.
  • Only new members are included in this contest. Student membership does not  qualify.

The contest will end coinciding with the AARC contest on October 31, 2013.

All new member submissions will be verified before the entry into the drawing is completed.