AARC resources for time standards

The AARC needs the assistance of the state societies to help make sure the time standards reported in the 2010 AARC Uniform Reporting Manual are rock solid and unassailable. This can happen if managers of respiratory care services have developed solid time standards and contribute that information via the surveys that will be conducted this fall.

In anticipation of the surveys to come, now is the time for managers to review or develop time standards for services.  To assist them, the AARC is providing a new resource center on its Web site. This Productivity and Time Standards Resources center contains three concise documents:

  • Productivity Systems-The Importance of Accurate Time Standards: This document explains the commonly used productivity systems and metrics used to support staffing decisions. It explains why metrics used commonly by consultants cannot accurately define staffing levels required for respiratory therapy services and provides rationale for a system based on relative value units.
  • Developing Time Standards--Collecting Data: This document provides a step-by step approach to gathering the data required to develop time standards. It also contains discussion on the importance of getting buy in from administration in development and adoption of time standards.
  • Statistical Methodology For Developing Time Standards: This reference document provides basic statistical information to assist in developing valid time standards from the collected data.

These resources will hopefully encourage managers who currently have time standards to selectively evaluate the need for updating them.  We also suspect that since we have not previously asked the managers of non-invasive cardiology, sleep laboratory services, hyperbaric medicine and pulmonary rehabilitation services to report time standards they may have not yet developed them and will find these resources useful.

These documents may be downloaded at http://www.aarc.org/resources/standards_development/