NSRC goals

Goals and Mission of the NSRC

(Accepted August 2008 BOD meeting)

The Nebraska Society for Respiratory Care’s mission is to promote the advancement of the Respiratory Care profession through patient advocacy, collaboration, and education throughout the state of Nebraska.

Goal #1 – Education

To promote Respiratory Care and provide educational tools to the state of Nebraska.

1. Distribute basic education materials to persons interested in Respiratory Care.
Tools: Number of packets handed out at job fairs.
2. Increase telehealth system network utilization; i.e., Respiratory Care Week programs, board meetings, education programs and Webcasts.
Tools: Calendar of events.
3. Continued delivery of the State Meeting.
Community education to families and caregivers in need of specific services related to respiratory care.

Goal #2 – Patient Advocacy

To facilitate patient advocacy as a society by encouraging optimal respiratory health, patient wellness and safety.

1. Support disease-specific camps
2. Collaborate with the ALA and AHA to promote respiratory care.
3. Provide free spirometry screening.
4. Monitor and support legislation to assure lung health in Nebraska.

Goal #3 – Collaboration

To expand collaboration through communication among Respiratory Therapists and multidisciplinary professionals as well as to all relationships within organizations and associations.

1. Involvement of AARC Board members at the state meeting.
2. Continued relationship with the NE liscensure board.
3. Measure involvement with attendance at leadership meetings.
4. Offer leadership meetings via telehealth network.