VLC Reboot nets 7 new co-sponsors for HR 2508

Lisa Fuchs and Linda Nelson

Lisa Fuchs and Linda Nelson from the NSRC, above,  joined other AARC members in Washington, D.C. for PACT 2019. Below, Linda with with Rep. Adrian Smith, R-NE.

Linda Nelson and Rep. Adrian Smith

On May 2 Rep. Michael Thompson, D-CA, introduced HR 2508 with three other co-sponsors (Rep. Cox D-CA, Rep. Carter R-GA and Rep. Kelly R-GA).  On May 10, another co-sponsor was added: a Republican from PA.  So before the VLC Reboot, we had a sponsor and four co-sponsors, according to Lisa Fuchs, NSRC President.

VLC Reboot officially ended at 11:59 PM on May 23. Over the 10 days of the campaign, we added seven co-sponsors that have been published as of May 23, and know of others that once published will be considered achieved by this campaign.  "To date that means we have the sponsor and 11 co-sponsors, all of which were achieved not only through the work of our PACT Hill Day, but the follow-up with our VLC Reboot and the 5,068 people who took the time to advocate and send 19,020 messages to Congress!" Fuchs said.

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NSRC president: Apply for AARC flood relief

A message from NSRC President Lisa Fuchs:

Dear AARC members,

I have applied for flood relief dollars through the AARC. Please accept the AARC’s assistance in helping you rebuild your life. I am proud to be an AARC member and amazed at their generosity in reaching out to support their members.  I am attaching the link for AARC members to apply for the Disaster Relief grant monies. http://www.aarc.org/aarc-activates-disaster-relief-fund-03-19/

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AARC Virtual Lobby Campaign runs through April 10

The AARC has kicked off its 2019 Virtual Lobby Campaign, which runs through April 10. Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill is scheduled for April 9.

The AARC is asking House members to co-sponsor the Better Respiration Through Expanding Access to Tele-Health Act (the BREATHE Act) when introduced and Senators to support introduction of a companion bill.

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