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AARC activates Disaster Relief Fund

The AARC has activated its Disaster Relief Fund for AARC members who have sustained property loss or damage as a result of Hurricane Harvey and the massive flooding it has caused throughout areas of South Texas. Membe ...

Photos from 2016 RT Advocacy Day

Three NSRC members visited Nebraska's Congressional representatives during the 2016 Respiratory Therapy Capitol Hill Advocacy Day on April 12.

Nan Nathenson, Lisa Fuchs and Linda Nelson met Sen. Ben Sasse and Congressmen Brad Ashford and Adrian Smith. They also met with Patty Sheetz from Congressman Jeff Fortenberry's office. During their visits, they advocated for HR 2948 The Medicare Telehealth Parity Act (“The Parity Act”).

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Virtual Lobby Week starts March 28

Virtual Lobby Week begin March 28, prior to our Capitol Hill Visit on April 12. That's when 160 RT’s including patients will ask for support for The Medicare Telehealth Parity Act (H.R 2948).

Please encourage your colleagues -- including RT, nursing, physician, patients, family and friends -- to send electronic letters to Capitol Hill. It only takes a minute. Please also consider using social media to ask for support.

To send your letter

  1. Go to the Virtual Lobby Week website:
  2. Click Email members of Congress.
  3. Click Respiratory Therapists: Support Medicare Telehealth Parity Act.
  4. Enter your Zip Code. Your Congressional Representative and Senators will appear.
  5. Scroll down to the Editable Text Letter. Add your own personal message anywhere within the letter (optional).
  6. Sign your name.
  7. Enter your sender information.
  8. Click Send Message.

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Gather information for AARC Summit Award

Every year, the AARC honors a state society with the Summit Award and this year, Nebraska’s goal is to come out on top.

All of these activities or events are recognized through the AARC Summit Award:

  • Education/CRCE activities
  • Membership
  • Recruiting and retention activities
  • Legislation/advocacy events
  • Promoting public awareness
  • Benefits
  • Collaboration with other health care organizations
  • Scholarships
  • Student activities

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