Electronic stethoscope helps NMC ebola caregivers

Electronic stethoscope helps NMC ebola caregivers

An electronic stethoscope didn't get a very warm reception from the medical community at first. But then physicians and other caregivers at the Nebraska Medical Center who were treating Ebola patients discovered it was the only stethoscope they could use under the difficult conditions.

Clive Smith is founder and CEO of Thinklabs, a company specializing in the development and manufacturing of electronic stethoscopes for clinical, mobile, telemedicine and special applications. He describes the change:

"I received a call from Nebraska Medical Center in October 2014. Their Biocontainment Unit, which was treating an Ebola patient, discovered that the One, with its earbud headphone design, was the only stethoscope that could be used safely under Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) worn by clinicians. Stethoscope tubing could not be placed under PPE, but earbuds could. Everything in the room becomes contaminated, so disposable earbuds were used and each time a clinician entered the room, new earbuds were simply plugged into the stethoscope. Amplification and filtering made it possible to hear clearly despite noise in the isolation room. The One is now becoming standard in isolation rooms."

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