2015 Legislature sets priority bills

Here is an update on the 2015 Nebraska Legislature session from Julie Erickson and Richard Lombardi, Registered Lobbyists, American Communications Group, Inc.

March 12 was the deadline for senator and legislative committee priority bill designation for 2015.  Each senator is allowed to choose one bill and each legislative committee can choose two bills as their priorities for the session.  Any bills that we have been monitoring specific to NSRC interests that have received priority designation are shown below.  The Speaker also will choose an additional 25 bills to designate as priorities.  These priorities will be announced on March 16.

The week of March 16 is the final week for legislative hearings as the final day for hearings is Friday, March 20.  This last week of hearings includes many of the final Appropriations Committee budget hearings as they prepare their budget for consideration.

The LB 472 lobby day is next Thursday, March 19.  More information can be found here:


Finally, we are having our mid-session party on March 25 from 5 to 7 p.m. at our office.  Come join us for food and drinks if you can.

Priority bills

LB (Co) Sponsor Committee   Content Priority
72 Schumacher Judiciary Change and provide provisions relating to trustees, liens for medicaid reimbursement, and inheritance tax petitions Schumacher
80 Gloor Health & Human Services Provide, change, and eliminate anesthesia and sedation permit provisions under the Dentistry Practice Act Gloor
264 Morfeld Health & Human Services Provide for issuance of credentials under the Uniform Credentialing Act based on military education, training, or experience Morfeld
320 Bolz Health & Human Services Adopt the Aging and Disability Resource Center Act Health & Human Services
472 Campbell (Cook) Health & Human Services Adopt the Medicaid Redesign Act Health & Human Services

Upcoming hearings

LB (Co) Sponsor Committee Content Hrg
518 Riepe Health & Human Services Provide for changes to the medical assistance program 03-18-15
631 Scheer Health & Human Services Change medicaid provisions relating to acceptance of and assent to federal law 03-18-15