NSRC member chosen to play "Workmates" game

NSRC member chosen to play "Workmates" game

NSRC member chosen to play “Workmates” game

Workmates Game with Bob Eubanks

Game show host Bob Eubanks questions Helen Sorenson, former Metro Community College RT instructor, left, and Elisha Pueppka during the "Workmates Game" at the AARC Congress.

This year's AARC International Congress offered something that has never done before: a closing ceremony which included a "Workmates" game show hosted by Bob Eubanks of "The Newlywed Game".

"I decided it would be fun to try and be one of the chosen contestants," said NSRC member Elisha Pueppka. "So I approached my friend Helen Sorenson, former Metro Community College RT instructor and now Associate Professor at UT Health Science Center in San Antonio, and asked if she wanted to apply for a chance to play.  Though we are not workmates, we have been friends for years and I thought we knew everything about each other. How wrong I was! "

The pair found out prior to going to the Congress that they were one of four teams chosen to participate. "We were warned that it would be a lot of fun, but the fun would be at our expense," Pueppka said. "Bob Eubanks gave a very entertaining talk and managed to incorporate healthcare into this.  And in front of more than 700 fellow RTs, fun WAS had at our expense!"

During the game, a workmate was asked three questions while the other workmate was off stage. After attempting to answer the questions, the tables were turned and the other roommate was asked three new questions. "Though we did not win the competition, it really was a lot of fun," Pueppka said. "And we did receive the standby gameshow consolation prize of a box of Rice a Roni."

Pueppka said the closing ceremonies were an amazing way to end this year's AARC International Congress.

"If you have never attended one of these meetings, I would strongly suggest you need to attend at least one during your career," she said.

Consolation prize: Rice-A-Roni

Game show host Bob Eubanks watches as Helen Sorenson, left, and Elisha Pueppka get their consolation prizes: boxes of Rice-A-Roni.