Passy Muir offers 2-day tracheostomy seminar

Passy Muir offers 2-day tracheostomy seminar

Passy Muir, a leading provider of education pertaining to tracheostomy, will be conducting a two-day seminar on June 13 and 14 at Madonna Rehab Hospital in Lincoln.

From Infants to Adults: Improving Communication & Swallowing for Patients with Tracheostomy will presented from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Both days. Participants can attend one or both days to meet their needs.

Offered for CEU credit, this comprehensive workshop will provide detailed information about tracheostomy in both the adult and pediatric populations, and features hands-on learning, videos, case studies, and group discussion.

Participants may attend one day or both to meet individual needs, and can earn up to 16 contact hours of education.

Day One: Understanding the Basics of Tracheostomy and No-Leak Speaking Valve Use

Day Two: Advanced Dysphagia Management and Ventilator Application of a No-Leak Speaking Valve

This two-day course has been developed for the experienced practitioner and those who are new to caring for patients with tracheostomy, including both the adult and pediatric populations.

Day One will focus on essential knowledge related to the physiologic changes that may occur following the placement of a tracheostomy tube in pediatrics and adults. This session also will include: the basics of trach tube selection; the benefits of using of a bias-closed, no-leak speaking Valve for voicing, feeding and swallowing, secretion management, and decannulation; and treatment and troubleshooting considerations.

Day Two will focus on advanced practices with the adult population, including use of the bias-closed, no leak speaking valve and dysphagia treatment in the ICU. An overview of how mechanical ventilation affects the respiratory system and common modes of ventilation will be explained. How to develop a tracheostomy management team will be discussed. Case studies, hands-on sessions and group discussion will be used to enhance learning. Day Two includes one hour on ethical considerations for the healthcare practitioner.

Cost for one day is $119. Cost for both days is $199. To register or for more info visit: