Time to vote for new NSRC board members

Time to vote for new NSRC board members

Hello Nebraska Therapists! We hope that your New Year has started off as you wanted!

The time is here to elect the officers to the open positions on the NSRC Board of Directors! The society is honored to have you vote in those candidates that you feel are best qualified for the position. Please vote by using the following link:


Please copy and paste to your browser and vote! Your vote counts!

You must be an AARC member to vote. After you close the ballot, you will be locked out from being able to open and change a vote, so please be sure of your choices before closing. Thank you for your attention to the election!
If you have questions, please post them and we will monitor.
The last day for voting is March 23, 2019. Thank you again for your vote!
Thank you for your support!
The NSRC Board and Committee