Disaster response volunteers needed

In an emergency event, your skills and abilities could be in great demand.

The State of Nebraska Medical and Health Volunteer registry allows you to register as a healthcare volunteer before disaster strikes. This secure system allows disaster response officials to quickly identify those healthcare professionals necessary to meet the needs of a disaster or emergency situation. Your professional skills can then best be put to use in a coordinated and efficient manner, while granting you additional legal protection under the Nebraska Emergency Management Act (see Neb. Rev. Statute 81-829.36).

Registration only takes a moment and does not obligate you to respond to any future disasters; instead, registration allows you to be contacted for your availability during a local, state, or national emergency. Saving lives in an effective response to an emergency or disaster often depends on quickly identifying and contacting volunteer healthcare professionals such as yourself who have the specific skills necessary to care for people who are injured or ill.

Please take a moment to register at: https://volunteers.ne.gov/ESAR-VHP/faces/jsp/login.jsp