CRCE Through the Journal

Now Available for Free Monthly

AARC members have always looked forward to the August issue of Respiratory Care and its popular “CRCE Through the Journal” offering. Now a change to the program in 2011 has made this program even more accessible and easier for members to earn free continuing education credits required for their state license.

CRCE Through the Journal is now a monthly feature offered for free to AARC members only.

Between the 5th and the last day of the month, just answer 10 true or false questions covering articles identified as CRCE-approved in that month’s journal, get seven of the 10 right, and you will have earned one non-traditional CRCE contact hour – all at no charge to you. There’s even a “second chance” option on our online exam site, as long as you do it before the last day of the month – so if you don’t get seven correct the first go around, you can try again.

You can take advantage of the program every month – earning up to 12 CRCE contact hours for the year -- or just in the months when it fits your schedule, making it easy to earn extra CRCEs whenever it’s most convenient for you.

To get started, visit the CRCE Through the Journal page on and follow the instructions for registering online.