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2021 state conference to move to fall

In light of the ongoing pandemic, the NSRC is moving its annual spring conference for 2021 to fall this year. It will be an in-person conference, with the option to attend virtually.

"This decision was based on the feedback we received from a poll on Facebook," said Jill Sands, NSRC President. "We appreciate everyone’s input."

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ALA offers 'Better for It' guide for COVID-19 vaccinations

Many Americans are still deciding if they will get the COVID-19 vaccine. The American Lung Association is proud to partner with The Center for Black Health & Equity to provide a science-based, factual guide called Better for It to help begin a conversation on how to make a well-informed decision about COVID-19 vaccination.

Respiratory therapists and professionals are encouraged to use Better For It as a supplement to your own research on the vaccines and to:

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Professor offers virtual course on medical empathy

A professor turned brain surgery patient is offering a course on improving patient exit surveys, gaining patient compliance, easing pain, and calming fears.

"Lying still in my hospital bed, inundated with tubes and needles, aware of every interaction, but unable to respond, I experienced the best and worst of medical empathy," says Shari Bookstaff, author of Lifetime of Impact! "The drastic inconsistency in my experience as patient during many months in the hospital inspired me to refocus my career in the direction of encouraging the expression of empathy in every medical situation."

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NSRC seeks nominees for board of directors

Elections to the Nebraska Society for Respiratory Care Board of Directors are approaching quickly. NSRC President Jill Sand is asking members to get involved with your state society.

"We are always looking for those therapists who would like to be progressive and become involved in the future of our profession!" Sand said. The commitment is not as strenuous as in the past; all BOD quarterly meetings can be attended via webinar or phone, so travel is no longer an issue.

"As you all know, 2020 has been a very unique year in our profession (and the world) and there is a lot to discuss and suggestions to be made concerning any changes needing to be made as a result of our current environment. We need to be on the forefront, or these changes will be decided for us," she said.

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